Full Arch Implant Cases

Also knows as “All on Four” or “Teeth in a Day”

Teeth can fail for a variety of reasons, and sometimes restoration of failing teeth is impossible or not feasible.  Luckily, implants have provided us with another treatment option for cases like this, which can often be more precitable in the long term than restoring existing teeth.

As a specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. Robertson is uniquely qualified in implant treatment specifically designed for an entire arch of teeth. If you have been recommended for removal of many teeth, this may be a great option for you.

There are several implant treatment options:

1) Replacing individual teeth with implant crowns or bridges – typically the most ideal option for replacement of teeth if there are 1-4 teeth missing but the remaining teeth in the arch are strong and healthy

2) Implant removable overdenture – dentures comes in and out of your mouth for cleaning, but snaps onto the implants when it’s in place.  This is much better than traditional dentures, and also allows good hygiene of the denture and the implants.

3) Fixed implant prosthesis – the denture, also known as a prosthesis, is securely fixed to the implants with small screws.  This option gives you teeth that function nearly as good as if you still had all of your natural healthy teeth in your mouth.  The prosthesis is typically removed 1-2 times per year for cleaning, but otherwise is permanently fixed in place.  The prosthesis needs to be made out of a special material for strength, and the implants need to be placed in very precise positions for this option to be successful.

All On 4 Solutions - dentoamerica

In most cases, everything can be done in one surgical procedure under general anesthesia.  This includes removal of teeth, placement of 4-6 implants spaced out throughout the jaw, and even connecting a temporary prosthesis fixed to the implants so that you walk out of the office with a full arch of teeth screwed directly to the implants.

This type of treatment has many names, including: All on Four, All on X, Teeth in a Day, Pro Arch, Smart Fix. Ultimately it involves removal of the remaining upper and/or lower teeth, immediate placement of 4-6 dental implants throughout the jaw, and a full arch or teeth can then be secured to these implants – usually all in the same day!

See more information about the process in the videos below, and if you’d like to speak to Dr. Robertson about this option, you can request a consultation appointment using the form below.


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