Pre Operative instructions for General Anaesthesia or IV Sedation

Click HERE to print these instructions.

  1. Have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery. Water ONLY may be taken up to 3 hours before surgery. Brush your teeth but don’t swallow the water. Please note: for your own safety, failure to comply with these instructions will result in the cancellation of your surgery
  2. You must have arrangements for a responsible adult to pick you up and drive you home after surgery. You will not be able to drive yourself, and you cannot take a cab/uber or walk home unless accompanied by a responsible adult
  3. Unless otherwise instructed, please take your regular medications as usual (with a small sip of water only). No alcohol or smoking tobacco/cannabis/vaping 24 hours before your appointment. If you have an inhaler or medication for asthma, please bring it with you.
  4. Wear loose fitting clothing (pants, short sleeves) and avoid wearing make-up. No high heels and coloured nail polish. Please remove contact lenses and all jewellery (including nose, lip, or tongue piercings/rings). Also, please refrain from wearing any perfume or cologne on the day of surgery.
  5. All patients must have a signed consent form for surgery. Patients under 18 years old must arrive accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who can sign the consent form for them.
  6. If you have an active cold/cough, please notify our office the day before your procedure for further instructions (your surgery may need to be rescheduled).

If you have any questions please call the office at Foundation Oral Surgery Phone Number 403-263-5193 to speak to a staff member.